I had an idea going through my head while watching the Horizon programme on Black Holes. It might well have been thought of before but I found it exciting enough to want to write it down.

The scientists are all talking about black holes being formed by the collapse of a star, but it crossed my mind that black holes might have existed long before the galaxies were formed.

What I saw in my mind's eye was at the beginning of time after the Big Bang had happened, perhaps the universe was filled with quantum matter that flowed outwards like an ocean. An ocean has tides, and these tides could have formed vortexes just as an ocean on earth can. These vortexes were what we now see as Black Holes. As the Black Holes rotated at huge speeds, they drew the quantum matter into lumps initially and gradually over billions of years began to form galaxies made up of stars and planets that we see today. Only the matter furthest from the event horizon of the Black Hole would be able to resist its pull and to begin orbiting it. Stable galaxies were formed because of the presence of these vortexes in the quantum ocean. The mass of the Universe is supposed to be made up of dark matter, and this is what composes the rest of the ocean as yet unformed into solid bodies and still free of the pull of a Black Hole.

What we witness today when a star collapses and disappears into a Black Hole could be caused by the star becoming so large it gets drawn towards an already existing black hole and the gravity exerted on it from the hole causes it to collapse and be sucked into it.

And that is as far as I can get with this thought…LOL…so will have to leave it there, but gravity plays a big part in the Universe and it keeps niggling away at the back of my mind.