Once upon a time a Jewish thinker thought that God spoke to him

My name, said 'God' is Yahweh, which means 'I am that I am'.

He did not understand what it meant.

He did not understand that he had found the meaning of existence.

Everything that is exists in, with and through the 'I am' of the Universe.

The Man thought he had been chosen to receive this secret name.

All he had found was his true self.

Every human being has the same self for all say 'I am'.

The man stood up and said 'I am'.......A woman stood up and said 'I am'.

But the man said 'No, you are because I am'.

And the woman said, 'No, you are because I am'.

And so began the first great conflict.

The man built a religion round the secret name. In time another religion emerged from the first, then a third one followed. Each one thought they had found the true meaning of existence

The first religion was for the chosen people alone because they believed they were special. The other two also thought they were special. They set out to convert the whole world, and so began the second great conflict.

What none seem to understand is that they are all part of the one 'I am'.

Before it is too late, believe it, nothing and nobody exists outside the one

'I AM'