Here is something humorous to consider

Our Cosmos is made up balls and black holes. Each galaxy is composed of millions of balls circling black holes. All the balls (planets) spend most of their existence trying not to be sucked into a black hole. These power houses go dormant for aeons of time then spring to life again and begin to suck in anything that gets too close to them. When satisfied, they appear to return to their dormant state again. This is where our current knowledge of black holes appears to end. It has only recently been discovered that every galaxy possesses one or several of these phenomena.

Now this is the thought that occurred to me.

If we look at human beings, what do we discover? We are sentient reflections of that reality. What is the driving power behind every human being? The urge to procreate and ensure the survival of the species. The male carries balls between his legs containing the seeds for future generations; the female is endowed with a black hole into which the male spends a greater part of his life seeking entry, not because he wants to, but because her black hole is such a powerful draw, he is helpless, in most cases, when it comes to resisting it. Her black hole must have his seed in order to reproduce a new human being. The consideration here is: we had better expand our study of black holes in our cosmos, because, if my analogy is correct, they are the phenomena which will ensure the survival of our cosmos, and as a by-product, the continuation of life itself, by giving birth to new galaxies. When satiated, they will jettison forth new worlds, just as the female of our species does when she gives birth to a new born infant.

No wonder modern human beings are so obsessed with kicking, bashing or striking balls into holes. It's the governing force of the whole Universe!