Here is a thought to make you think

The M-Theory is equivalent to waking up a single plankton in the ocean and showing it where it exists, then sending it out armed with this new awareness to survive the best way it can. Prior to this awakening, it thought it existed alone and was unique. Now it finds it exists alongside an infinite number of other beings, some the same as it, others completely different in structure and physics, and it can be swept along on the ocean's currents, consumed by predators, or overwhelmed by vast waves. This is the reality of our cosmos, if the theory is correct. The singularity has vanished. We came into being when the equivalent of a white wave crashed through the ocean of gravity and two vast universes collided to create our universe. Just imagine what this knowledge will do to the human psyche when it takes root in the collective consciousness of humankind. The question is: have we got sufficient will power and courage to survive in this new and awe-inspiring reality?