Fruit and Veg

bananas, honeydew melons
oranges and smooth avocados.Lust:
carrots, cucumbers
radishes and red potatoes.Love:
strawberries, peaches
cherries and succulent lichees.Hate:
onions, garlic
lemons and red hot chillies.Fun:
okra, kohlrabi
yams and caramel parsnipsJoy:
apples, nectarines
figs and asparagus tips.When next you shop, ask for this:
a pound of passion, love, fun and joy,
but only half of lust, and leave out hate
except when the recipe demands
a touch of tears, bad breath, sourness
and fire, then use with the utmost care
or it will drive away the other five
leaving your life bereft of pleasure.
You have been warned - use only
in the smallest measure if you dare
so there! It’s a menu for staying alive.