Ghosts of yesteryear haunt the earth

Casualties of war's fought for causes

Few could properly fathom, apart from

Errors made by earlier politicians

As they sat in smoke filled rooms

To decide the future of the world,

And, in ignorance and pride, signed

Treaties doomed to failure, and then

Went home to let the generations

Still to come reap the fruits of their

Decisions. Ever it was, ever will be,

When we place our trust in people who

Believe war is a solution to a problem.


Red poppies sodden in the blood of

parent's sons and daughters cry out

‘Enough, enough, enough of us have died,

if you must remember the dead, at least

do it with deep remorse that you threw

away our lives, it's time to learn

a new path, negotiation, co-operation,

understanding, and the way of peace.

Take care, lest your deaf ears ignore

Our plea, the next great war won't

Be the same as those gone by in which

We died. The Third one will be the one

To end all Wars, and with it, all of you.

Hold your poppies in your hands, and

See your loved ones scattered far and wide

Born on the nuclear winds, and keep

In mind our words when so hard we tried

To warn you, as you sow, so shall you reap.