Ancient Dreams



the dream of the dispossessed,

born of ancient mythical beliefs

of seers, prophets and warrior kings.


A people,

honed by journeys long and tiring,

filled with dreams of being chosen

by a god not seen before, a guide within the fire.


A land,

desired by wanderers of old,

warned, when history was legend,

make no territory yours but was ignored.


A promise,

signed, sealed and delivered,

fulfilled with omens, dreams and sights

carried tribes to where milk and honey flowed.


A dynasty,

proclaimed a god given right to rule,

in spite of prophetic cries of doom,

and judges gave way to one king over all.


A conqueror,

defeated and dispersed the tribes

to scatter far and wide and leave but two,

clinging in despair to their dream of Israel's land.


A god,

conceived of centuries before,

born again in words and tales of founding fathers,

sons, wars and strife laid out a history for life.


A restoration,

to rule again their tribal kingdom,

gave hope, but time, and unheeded warnings,

saw the end of golden days as it fell before the Romans.


A diaspora,

a journey on an epic scale,

ending with the tribe's near demise,

saw again Israel rise at a hellish cost for one and all.


A warning,

still travels through the aeons of time,

make no territory your own it calls,

but ears are deaf, and eyes blinded to a god long gone.


A struggle,

born of usurpation of lands long lost,

sits in paranoid isolation; a tribe of old,

burning with fiery zeal for acceptance and resurrection.


A world,

viewing events unfold with mixed emotions,

dumb in the face of horrors constantly recalled,

stands by and waits or helps Armageddon to begin.