Oh to be born with an inner sense of calm.

To feel at peace when all around is breaking down

When frustration gives way to rage,

The little calm I have takes flight to leave me

Acting like a kid instead of my real age,

And it takes a long while before I see

Any sign of that still centre deep within

And for the fiery furnace burning bright

With passionate zeal to let the healing balm

Of my inner calm, restore my equilibrium

And let me rest once more in serenity of spirit

Before the next crisis comes along and leaves me

Reeling on the floor and baying at the moon…


Please don't let another come along too soon.

I've only just recovered from this recent one

And need a brief respite to recover from shock

Of seeing my dignity fly out the window,

And my pride in my self control be undone

In an instant when nothing seems to be going right

And I stare in dismay at my world going from bright

To dismal grey, not a pretty sight when just before

I was standing on cloud nine, contented with my lot

When, once again, life takes an unexpected turn

And the fire within ignites to burn red hot.


It's not that I'm complaining about what I've got,

I just wish I could have a bit more time between

Each up and down period in my life, so that I could

Appreciate a little better how wonderful it's been

To feel tranquil and contented in a bubble of delight

Before its bursts and kicks me off my cloud

To land with a crash upon the earth and start that

Life long fight to overcome this latest trauma,

Fist flailing, tongue lashing and bawling aloud

I promise myself every time I land, this time

I'll deal with it calmly but, as usual, I fail, and fail.


And ever thus it was, and ever thus will be.

I'm just not meant to be a saint, so there…c'est la vie.