Riders in the Night

It came silently. Borne on the wind.
Taking by surprise naivity ingrained.
Ignorance blasted from minds
fed on local news and trivia - hatred
manifested, a death flight to wake
the dead and destroy smug complacency.
A lethal strike prepared before to shake
foundations to the core and shatter
certainty in one gargantuan blow.
Glass towers, embracing worlds grown
indifferent to pain, outrage and grief,
exploded, imploded and collapsed in
a slow motion agony of slaughter.

It came silently. Borne on the wind.
A change. Psyches born secure,
melted in the heat of hate to manufacture
fear, bewilderment and paranoia.
Power, believed before inviolable,
wavered. Rose in rage to wreak revenge.
Plunging, in blind desire for retribution,
a world into chaos and destruction.
Battles to stem a tide of terror,
stumbling before fanatical belief,
gave birth to a black hole - brought to life
on lies and calculated misinformation.

It came silently. Borne on the wind.
Hate rides the world. Unnoticed, it came.
Here to stay, a spectre, an unwelcome guest
of the rich, the powerful, the affluent
and influential. Gone now the naivity of millions.
Fear of strangers, aliens and foes
makes bedfellows of zealots, warmongers
and fundamentalists. A world trapped
in negative potential - strangles as it
struggles to embrace the change - when
mirror images fell to earth and chaos reigned