Moving on

Residential and commercial development,
Investments and lettings,
houses, terraced, detached and semi,
bungalows, mansions, apartments and lofts,
rooms, to let, share or rent by the hour.
A business chance or a shelter for many,
a space for trysts, a dream come true,
a down size or a climb up the ladder,
a holiday home in the country or close to the sea.

Gardens, front and back, facing north or south,
large or small, decked, graveled or paved,
with mature shrubs and trees, borders
full of flowers, lawns with pergolas included,
swimming pool, open or covered, jacuzzi
or shed, summer house, court yards, balconies,
greenhouse, vegetable garden, paths
straight or winding and a barbeque area.
Gorgeous, ugly or miserable views,
garage, parking space, or none at all.

Interiors, painted, wall papered, textured
or plain, Do-it-yourself or architect designed,
wardrobes, furniture, kitchens, conservatories,
retaining many features, full of character and charm,
all mod cons or space provided, centrally heated.
Permission to grow, granted or not, listed for conservation,
beams and fireplaces, ancient and modern.
Assorted spaces of all sizes, for dining, lounging,
or sleeping, studies for work, nurseries, play
and utility rooms, attics converted, cellars to fill,
neat and tidy, too dirty by far, bright or bizarre,
suspicious cracks, wall paper peeling, patches of damp
or a lingering odour, all warning signs to watch out for.

Buyers, sellers, agents, renters, sharers,
mortgages, chains, cash to buy straight out,
ads, presentations, promotions, deals,
compromises, agreements, solicitors,
land searches, bank transfers and keys.
Exchanges, removals, storage, a mass of boxes,
withdrawals from the market, broken chains,
disconnecting and reconnecting utilities,
unpacking, settling in, or redecorating.
Tiredness, stress, tension and anxiety,
panic, fear, happiness, excitement, grief
and finally relief. One way or another,
the world makes even moving on
a huge decision and not a simple thing,
a whirl wind of strife, and complicated madness.
Oh, well, que sera sera, c’est la vie, that’s life!