Making Way

Age withers, wrinkles, mottles,
sucks from once firm flesh its freshness,
comeliness, round voluptuousness,
to leave a fruitless, friable, fragile
shell, encasing remnants of a life,
once so full of promise, dreams, hopes,
when all seemed young, vital, vigorous,
and passion filled the loins with seed
spilled, scattered, received with ecstatic
relief, guilt, hopefilled expectation
in solitary or mutual sexual satisfaction,
to culminate in united procreation,
completing the urge of a myriad genes
to reproduce, replicate, continue
their headlong journey through time
and space, organic matter, cosmic
elements made pliable, compliant
to the demands of the finite
to defer extinction, oblivion, death
and find resurrection, reincarnation, restoration
of life’s ability to dance, play, sing
the universal song - go on, go on,
go on in a billion designs, forms, shapes
in multi-coloured, textured schemes,
all impossible without the ability to age,
wither, die to make way at the end for the new.