What a bummer

Cells respond to time,
Inside, they’re all committing suicide!

What a trip to take.

We’re born a mass of unfulfilled potential.
Then, before we’ve had chance to wake,
a code kicks in to stem the tide,
and becomes increasingly influential.

‘You have a limited span of life,’
it tells each and every cell.

‘There must be some mistake!’
you can hear them yell.

‘No, no error in our data.
Go and live for goodness sake.’

What a bummer to be born
with the grim reaper
out to get us sooner or later.

It’s enough to kill the will
to survive for just a day
when all your cells are looking
for the nearest cliff or rope.

In a particular case like this,
if the spur to life is hope,
then ignorance really is bliss.