The Shopping Trip

The sun came out as the clouds went away
so we decided to go out for the day.
We caught a bus and got off in the Square
to wander along the thoroughfare.

At first it was just window shopping for fun
as we walked slowly viewing each one.
We bought some odds and ends in three
then went to a cafe for cakes and tea.

Ray was eager to look in his record shops
while I wasn’t keen on all these stops.
He did find a store, but came out with none
so we went off to look for another one.

A beautiful glass vase caught my eye
in a shop which I just had to buy.
Then we went off to find a new suit for Ray
which he could wear on a special day.

We searched through many without success
in most the price tickets had to be less.
Then we went into more further along
But all of the suits seemed boring or wrong.

We tried another before I got fed up and tired
‘Can I help you gentlemen?’ a man enquired
then gasped ‘Oh!’ as I turned then looked away,
‘I’ve just been called a man!’ I said to Ray.

‘Yes, I heard.’ He said. ‘Let’s go.’ I glared
at the man, who still mute just stared.
I did have trousers, jacket and short hair
but also make-up put on with care.

We did find a suit he liked in another outlet
but decided we could not buy it yet.
After that, we caught the bus home from where it ran
It’s funny. I went out a woman and came home a man.