I am an artist who lives in Bournemouth now. For many years I have been experimenting in different styles and

techniques. I have worked mainly in expressing emotions and subjects that disturb me or affect human beings

profoundly. I worked on various surfaces to see the effect upon the visual perception of a painting. After visiting

many galleries over the years, I realized how few people study the paintings they are looking at for more than a

brief moment before passing on to the next. It was my intention to make them stop and examine my paintings

because, perhaps, not what they were expecting. I am not altogether certain whether it worked as I intended

but did make people stop and look more closely. I have put up some thoughts and poems as well for anybody

who might be interested and have a guest gallery and Links to various sites.


If any of the paintings in my galleries attract your attention, prints, either on canvas or as a poster, can be made

for you. Please contact me at for the price. Also, Gallery 4 contains some nudity so

anybody who might be offended by it, this is the gallery to avoid.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my galleries. Please click below to access them and please feel free to comment in

my guest book.


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