I went for a walk this morning and had another brainstorm. According to the MTheory, there is a possibility billions of universes could exist in an ocean of gravity. It has been suggested that our Universe came into being when a tidal wave flowing through the ocean caused two universes to collide and caused the Big Bang which gave birth to our Universe.

Following on from my idea of yesterday, the scientists were talking about a Singularity at the bottom of a Black Hole. This Singularity could be a point of massive energy formed by all the material sucked into the Hole. Therefore, each Black Hole holds the potential for a new Universe. This is what could have brought our Universe into existence. If two Universes collided in the Ocean of Gravity , then a Black Hole in either of these Universes would contain the potential for a new Universe to be created with the destruction of the Black Hole in the collision.

On the subject of gravity in our Universe, if the Ocean of Gravity exists in which all Universes exist then its pull will be immense on all the Universes within it. When the Big Bang took place, some of the gravity within this Ocean would leak in and enable a new one to form. So the gravity in our Universe is much weaker than expected but sufficient to hold our Universe in existence. If insufficient gravity had leaked in, no galaxies would have been formed. The reason why the galaxies are being drawn outward could be explained by the presence of this Ocean of Gravity surrounding our Universe. Its attraction would be irresistible. It would also explain how our Universe could have a quantum ocean with tides. The same way as the moon controls our tides, so the tides in that quantum ocean would be controlled, but in a much more violent way, by the pull of the Ocean of Gravity , or even much larger Universes within it exerting their own force on our Universe. Through this, vortexes or Black Holes could be formed from the birth of the universes.

If we think of our oceans and the life forms that exist within it, like plankton, tiny creatures but not crushed by the power of the water they float in, because of a membrane protecting them. Then our Universe could also have a similar structure surrounding it which holds it in being but does not crush it in the Ocean of Gravity .

And that's as far as I have got with this thought.