The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:


The White Horse - The Conqueror & Deceiver -

The Red Horse - War

The Black Horse - Famine

The Pale Horse - Pestilence

These represent the external threats to the world of humankind

but there are four more horsemen even more deadly than these

because internal and residing in every human being.

They are Aggression, Territoriality, Social Hierarchy and Ritual.

There is no room for compassion, mercy or tolerance in these four riders and they represent our most primitive instincts.

The internal riders send out the external riders.

If Humankind learns to recognise and restrain the inner riders,

the external riders will never be released to wreak their havoc across the face of the earth.

It is time we transcended the primitive and gave our true humanity a chance to come to the fore.