Changed Futures


A thought occurred to me in a still moment. Every one who dies changes the future instantly. That person is erased from time and space, and, all that remains, in time and space, are the few memories we hold in our hearts and minds, but why so few I have asked myself.


I must conclude that, in the erasing, the timeline is gone as well, and, with it, the person's existence, so all we can hold onto are significant memories, ones that affected us profoundly whether good or bad, they'll stay with us holding the dead person here until we forget or we die.


It struck me that the wars we've fought in the twentieth century must have had a catastrophic effect on the future with all the dead in them, the first world war altering the future more than any other before it, and then the second world war changing it again but, far too quickly, for those alive to comprehend how much they were being affected by the deaths of every individual in both wars.


Every death has an impact on the future, whether in a small way or a mighty way, but mass deaths throw everything out of kilter because they remove multi-millions of possible futures in such a short time. The survivors will not know what their future contains because now there are spaces everywhere where there should have been a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, a nephew, a niece, a friend, and even an enemy, all have vanished from this mortal coil and nothing will ever proceed as planned for they are no longer here. And we are left only with our grief, our sorrow, our pain, our anger, and our love.


It made me realize how profoundly every human life affects us all, and how profound the changes in our lives when they are gone, and none can ever fill that empty space again because it was made for them alone, and they have gone, moved on we know not where, if anywhere, but here, on earth, everything shifts to fill the space now left so that a new future may begin, one without the dead people in it.


And so it goes on, life in constant flux, no fixed future ever for all is change, nothing ever stays the same, and futures come and go every single moment of each day when every single death on earth occurs for what might have been has gone for ever in their going.


This thought made me realize that predetermination is not possible simply because death happens. Nothing is fixed in concrete. The future is forever open, and it is every human being alive who creates it from moment to moment...